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Escape the Software Development Paradigm Trap

This is an article I wrote for Embedded Systems Design magazine about why software tends to be so unreliable, and some alternative mental models that suggest improvements. I've had a lot of responses, both agreeing and disagreeing; where I have the writers' permission, I have posted their comments for all to see.

A Crash Course in Digital Electronics

This is a set of articles I wrote a few years ago, aimed at the high-school hobbyist, introducing some of the concepts of digital electronics. These were intended for use in a student program which never came about, and I have yet to finish the set. But anyone is welcome to make use of them!

Embedded Web Servers as User Interface

I gave a presentation at the 2008 Embedded Systems Conference in Boston. I've posted the white paper along with some code samples that were used in my presentation.

Links to other sites

Magazines for technology development

Web sites for technology development

  • The Ganssle Group - embedded columnist Jack Ganssle's site to "help embedded developers produce better products faster"
  • Netrino - Michael Barr's "Embedded Systems Experts" share a lot of useful "best practices" for developers