About Mark Bereit

My Résumé


My work in high technology product development has included a number of consulting projects for various businesses. For six years I was owner and leader of Breakthrough Designs, a small team of developers for technology products, before my group and I were hired by our primary client (IRIS Technologies). These days consulting is a sideline rather than my full-time job, but I am still able to offer assistance to technology projects.


I have extensive experience as a software developer, particularly in C, C++ and assembly language, under Microsoft Windows (3.0 through Windows 7, including XP Embedded), Linux (Red Hat and embedded MontaVista HardHat), and proprietary embedded environments. I have done digital electronics design for embedded systems, including schematic capture (OrCAD and Protel) and PCB design (Protel and Altium Designer), prototyping, and initial product bring-up on several different microprocessor architectures. And I have worked in device driver development, client/server systems design and RTOS development.


I have also been involved in the training of others in various facets of software development and embedded development, as well as basic digital electronics. I have done training in both the one-on-one job training environment and the formal classroom setting. I have also led "brainstorming" product design sessions. If you have a training need that fits my areas of expertise, please let me know!

For more information on the kinds of work I have done, please refer to my online résumé.