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Significant Projects


GainMaker® transponder

2013: new generation of firmware for DOCSIS status monitoring transponder.
My role: sole developer of device-specific status monitoring code (C++), adapt existing code libraries to new chipset/environment


Network Tracker Plus™

2011: advanced remote measurement tool for HFC cable TV plants.
My role: firmware project leader (C++), assist in hardware design/checkout, documentation preparation for CableLabs certification


Landro® play analyzer Personal Edition

2006-2010: family of video playback, tagging and retrieval software for Windows Vista®.
My role: sole developer of application code (C++), DirectShow® components, most documentation, some training videos


Landro StudySite™

2007-2009: Internet-based video posting/exchange/retrieval service; originally a client application, later switched to open web browser client model.
My role: manage overseas development of client application, integration with Landro software; later, sole developer of web browser version (primarily IIS extensions in C++, with JavaScript, Ajax and SQL)


Otto Playback Director™

2005-2008: scheduled video playback appliance hardware with networked PC applications.
My role: adapt existing DVR code for appliance (embedded Windows® XP); sole developer of client GUI (C++); documentation


SmartPort™ Controllers

2001-2005: line of device controllers for infrared, serial (RS-232/RS-422), logic level and relay equipment control.
My role: circuit design/testing; some PCB layout; team leader for firmware and client software



2000-2005: professional DVR with video tagging and retrieval; optional network control capability.
My role: assist in circuit design/testing, portions of firmware development (embedded Linux); team leader for network control applications and integration with device management systems


SDS (Signal Detection Switch)

2000-2005: series of modular, rack-mounted signal monitoring and switching devices for broadcasters.
My role: designed CPU card core; assisted in MCU designs for modules; some PCB layout; team leader for firmware for modules and integration with device management systems


iNED™ servers

1999-2008: three generations of master device control network server appliances.
My role: most circuit design/testing; minor PCB layout work; team leader for development of firmware and embedded OS; assist in FCC approval testing; some mechanical design, documentation


Video Commander® Professional Edition

1999-2008: industry leading graphical software system for easy routing, scheduling, signal management and device control.
My role: team leader for all system and software design, development and testing



1998-2003: infrared device controller hardware.
My role: circuit design; PCB layout; team leader for firmware development and integration with device routing software


MicroLok® II

1997-1998: contract development of setup/diagnostics utility for safety-critical rail controller for Union Switch & Signal (now Ansaldo STS USA).
My role: team leader for utility software development; technical interaction with MicroLok developer team


Gas detection equipment

1996-1998: contract development of updates for AutoStep® and RIS® optical gas detection equipment for Bacharach, Inc.
My role: lead developer to document and update existing assembly language firmware for new functionality


Signal Routers

1994-2005: four generations of video/audio signal routing hardware for software control.
My role: team leader for firmware development; design communications protocols; some MCU circuit design


Video Commander 3

1992-1999: first Windows software for graphical signal routing, device control and scheduling.
My role: original developer, adapting concepts from original MS-DOS product; team leader throughout product lifespan



1988-1989: system diagnostics and test software for MS-DOS PCs.
My role: sole developer; testing; documentation


Multi-user extension card

1987-1988: proof-of-concept prototype of MS-DOS PC on a card.
My role: circuit design and prototype; PLD design; code BIOS and host communications software


CP/M port

1986: proof-of-concept port of CP/M 3.0 to WordPlex word processor hardware to emulate Sulcus computer systems.
My role: write BIOS including terminal emulation; minor circuit work



1985-1987: two applications for serial line / modem communications and terminal emulation.
My role: sole developer (assembly language); documentation



1982-1983: high school project by three students to design and build a personal computer from scratch: Z80 core, 64K dynamic RAM, keyboard, 64x25 text video display to TV, sound, cassette interface.
My role: assist in CPU core design/construction; designed video display; wrote BASIC interpreter and BIOS in assembly language



Visual Basic®

Assembly Languages


Development Tools / Environments

Visual Studio® 2008, 2010, 2012
Visual Studio 6
Visual SourceSafe®
Diab™ C/C++
IAR Embedded Workbench
Inno Setup

Circuit Design Tools

Protel® PCB
Altium Designer®

Multimedia Tools

Paint Shop Pro®
Adobe® Dreamweaver®
Adobe Photoshop®
Final Cut® Express
Pinnacle Studio™

Documentation Tools

Microsoft Office
Adobe PageMaker®

Desktop Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows: 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 95, 3.11, 3.1
Linux: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Monta Vista
Mac OS X

Published Articles

"The Power of Flash," Circuit Cellar, January 2007

"Escape the Software Development Paradigm Trap," Embedded Systems Design, May 2006

Public Presentations

Session presenter, "Embedded Web Servers as User Interface," Embedded Systems Conference, Boston MA, October 2008

Speaker and panelist, "Combinatorial Software: Applying Silicon Design Technology to Produce Fail-safe, Modular Software," Telecosm (George Gilder/Steve Forbes investment conference), Lake Tahoe CA, October 2006

Employment History

Jul 2010-present: Manager of Embedded Development, Cheetah Technologies
Manage hardware / firmware product development for status monitoring product line; lead firmware developer

Oct 1998—Feb 2010: Director of Product Development, IRIS Technologies
Lead developer or collaborator on numerous software and circuit design projects; also managed a development team from 1998 until staffing cut-backs in 2005

May 1992—Sep 1998: Owner / Project Lead, Breakthrough Designs
Started a technology product development business working for several Pennsylvania businesses; hired and managed a small staff; closed business when I and my entire team were hired by our biggest client

Sep 1989—Apr 1992: Programmer / IT, Helicopter Aviation Services
Developed internal sales database applications and supported company network, computer systems and users; also involved in documentation for a project to obtain FAA approval for a new helicopter accessory

Jun 1988—Aug 1989: Lead Software Developer, Micro Tech Resources
Developed software applications for sale; collaborated in development of industrial robotics technology and PCB contract assembly/testing work

Jun 1984—May 1988: Assembly Language / Systems Programmer, Sulcus Computer Corp.
Developer for low-level routines in assembly language, CBASIC and C supporting the applications development team; also carried out several internal proof-of-concept projects

Contact Information

Mark Bereit - 44 E Tacoma Ave, Latrobe PA 15650 - 724.809.9727 (cell)
mark@markbereit.com - http://www.markbereit.com


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