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Thanks for visiting my web site! I'm Mark Bereit, and I've been working for nearly thirty years on all sorts of high-technology product development. If you're interested in computer technology and the nuts and bolts of hardware/software development, perhaps I can help you.


Over the years I have done consulting work for a number of technology businesses in Western Pennsylvania. This has taken the form of contract development of software applications, embedded software and digital electronics design. I have also taught classes in basic digital electronics, C++ programming and embedded development pitfalls. If you are looking for a developer for hire, a consultant on an existing project, or a speaker for related topics, let's see if we can work something out!

Refer to my résumé for my experience and qualificiations. I am willing to work or consult under an NDA or other contract. If a proposed work relationship would conflict with any existing non-compete agreement, I would make this clear.


One of the most interesting resources on this site, aimed at experienced developers, is an ongoing discussion on the tools and worldview employed by mainstream software development, and where these tools and worldview may be letting us down. This started with an article, Escape the Software Development Paradigm Trap, first published in Embedded Systems Design magazine, and has led to a lot of interesting discussion.

At the other end of the experience scale, I have a series of articles I wrote a couple of years ago entitled A Crash Course in Digital Electronics. These were to be an introduction to the topic for high-school student hobbyists, although the program for which I was writing these was scrapped before I ever wrote all the pieces I intended. They aren't bad for the complete novice; they just don't go as far as I'd like. (Maybe someday...)

For a complete list of the current resources on this site, go to my Resources Page. And if there's something you'd like to see, just ask! I'm always open to suggestions for more resources.

My guiding principles for this web site:

  • I will work hard to keep the pages of this web site up to date, except in the more common case where I don't.
  • The content on this web site will only be valuable and pertinent. Naturally, definitions of "valuable" and "pertinent" will be made by me. (Anyone disagreeing with my definitions is free to put up his or her own web site.)
  • I will check my speling carefooly.
  • And grammar too,